Redefining BIM collaboration

See, export and edit information about your Autodesk Revit projects

Put the project information available to its collaborators and

customers on a graph, collaborative and very easy to use web environment.

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A unique collaborative editing environment in BIM

BIM Consultant responds to the need to review and update their BIM projects anytime and anywhere, without the need for software or project files, affecting drastic savings in licensing, training and hardware.

Features of BIM Consultant for Autodesk Revit™

Now with IFC support!

Export model and information

BIM Consultant exports to its Web editor geometry information and Revit projects you want, allowing users parameter editing and synchronization back to the project, without the need for project file or Autodesk Revit.

Editing and synchronization.

All parameter editing (editable) is performed in an intelligent data table that interacts with the 3D viewer to make selections and theming. After the issue, synchronize the changes to the model to modify the project file. The system notifies you of changes incorporated.

3D viewer

The export of parameters also includes the geometry of the elements in the display showing only what exported. The viewer has very useful tools to navigate the model, select items and interact with the editor.

Control and data management

With BIM editor you can edit parameters directly from the table, group properties and property sets, total values, re-mark the model, generate charts, export to MS Excel and much more. Manage the data in common of several projects at a time, for a greater control of the information. Set global edit permissions, project access, and operations manager to users.

Cloud Security

BIM Consultant safeguard all data encrypted and encrypted projects in the cloud. Account in addition to the SSL protocol for secure data transmission.

Easy to use and fast

No training is required for the use of BIM Consultant. In just a few minutes, any user of Autodesk Revit manages the domain of the tool. The burden of information and presents quick navigation very fluid model even in heavy models.

BIM Consultant standard

user / year
  • Unlimited projects
  • Plugin for Autodesk Revit
  • User Administration
  • Updates and enhacements included
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  • Projects and unlimited users
  • Plugin for Autodesk Revit
  • User Administration
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